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Chemical Peels in Miami

A chemical peel can provide exciting and incredibly effective correction of facial wrinkles and other facial imperfections. It has been used successfully by plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists for years, becoming one of today's most trusted and turned-to skin rejuvenations methods.

A chemical peel involves the application of chemical solution to the surface of the face, peeling away the top layer to reveal a raw surface. This can take at least 10 days or more to heal, at which time a smoother, more rejuvenated appearance will be revealed.

The newly revealed sublayer of skin will be red at first, and slowly fade to pink. It usually remains at a pinkish stage for several months, so patients need to drastically limit sun exposure. Makeup can be worn when the initial redness heals, so the skins pink hue is easily camouflaged.

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