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Breast Augmentation Miami

Breast augmentation is a procedure that can provide exciting physical improvement for women who are unhappy with the size or appearance of their breasts. Many women who pursue this procedure have witnessed their breasts decrease in size after pregnancy and nursing. Others simply wish to attain from breast augmentation what genetics couldn't provide. In either case, the surgery can offer fullness and a more appealing, feminine contour.

The procedure, performed on an outpatient basis and usually under general anesthesia, begins with an inconspicuous incision, placed either under the breast, along the areola, or through the underarm. In recent years, the TUBA or transumbilical incision method has been utilized by Miami breast augmentation surgeons, allowing patients to forgo suturing. With other incision methods, a saline or silicone implant is inserted, and the area sutured back up.

Breast augmentation surgery can be custom tailored to be as unique as you are. Varying implant sizes and surgery methods allow Miami breast augmentation surgeons to tweak the results according to patient desires. Of course, depending on patient health conditions and body type, there are limits to this. You and your doctor can discuss your options in full detail at the consultation.

When pursuing any surgical procedure, there are risks involved that patients need to be aware of. In fact, awareness is the most effective way to avoid risk. Some women notice excessive firmness in the breast, as the scars may tighten during the healing process and inflame the implant. Other possible risks include asymmetry, change in nipple sensation, infection, or bleeding.

Most patients are able to return to work and other regular activities within the week following breast augmentation surgery. It's usually recommended that at least 3 weeks be given before attempting anything more strenuous.

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